Tuesday, December 31, 2013

God Given Resolutions as you enter the New Year!

“God Given Resolutions”
"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God,
they are the sons of God" - Romans 8:14

Many people make a New Year's Resolution to loss weight, exercise more, read the Bible more, pray more, etc.  Although these are good, when next year rolls around you know what, people will once again be making resolutions to loss weight, exercise more, read the Bible more, pray more, etc.  A lot of people will be making the same resolutions they did last year this year (and likely next year). Why? Because they didn’t keep it. 

Thus, comes the question of why didn’t they keep it?

I think the answer can be found primarily in three areas. 
We either are (1) not taking our resolution seriously, (2) are having a problem with a lack of discipline, (3) it may be that your resolution wasn’t a God given resolution - one led by the Spirit.

Though I’m not against New Year resolutions, I do believe God would prefer us to live in a “God Given Resolution.” By that I mean that we should resolve to live our best for God everyday. Don’t wait for the new year (Jan. 1st) to make changes, make them as soon as God speaks to your heart! As matter of fact, some of you may need to let go of YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION and pick up on GOD'S RESOLUTION for you, it might be quite different than YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION.

Also, as the year goes on, constantly be letting God work new changes in you, then when next January 1 rolls around, you will either have no new resolutions to make or you’ll have one that just happens to fall on January 1.

Good bye New Year's Resolutions, hello to God's Resolutions!

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