Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From the heart: Election changes things...No, Jesus changes things!

I am happy if you voted yesterday, as I thank God we are in a country that gives us that freedom. While I am happy that the Republicans have seized the Senate and gained control of the Congress, I'm not happy because they are Republicans, but because they are the more conservative of the two parties and Obama needs to be stopped (if possible), and Democrats sure weren't going to do that!  That being said, I think both parties fall way short compared to what God expects of our nation.  ALSO, it is yet to be seen what the Republicans will do in the next 2 years, but regardless, it won't be a Christian country in two years.  We're still going in the wrong direction, AND even more so, the sleeping Church needs to repent.  We're in this mess because the church went worldly, the church stopped preaching the whole counsel of God.

Again, we're not in this mess because of the politicians, but again, it's because of a lukewarm, if not dead church (  So as to not sound totally hopeless, God always has a remnant of people that will serve him 100%.  The question is, is that you? Is that me?  I hope so.
All this election can do is possibly, just maybe (but doubtful), slow impending judgment until America repents of her sins.

So what are we going to do as the church? Are we going to leave spiritual matters to the politicians? We better not!  Are we going to claim victory because of an election, while the church has not changed one bit? I believe our only hope is a repentant church that returns to Jesus acknowledging we have left our first love  - JESUS!  (See

So as I close this brief article out, I challenge you who are born again, blood bought Christians who believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus our Savior, will you give your all for Jesus and pray that our nation be spared, or at least that we can make a difference for God's kingdom no matter what the final outcome of our nation will be.  (See (see &

I still love America in spite of her falling from God, especially in recent years, but I love the church more. There is nothing on earth as awesome as the church functioning the way God intended it.

So my final words are that the "battle" wasn't won at the election.  
It is won on our knees as a repentant and praying people in love
with Jesus who are willing to obey the Lord without compromise.

I'm excited in Jesus, as ultimately He is in control.  Jesus is our victory!  Now and forever! AMEN!

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