Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My recent review of a great book, "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken"

I review quite a few books, but this one was a special treat for me. I love this book’s design and concept. I even like the thin tissue-like paper used in this book. This would be a nice book in bonded leather or leather. “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken” contains ALL the words of Jesus in Red with some surrounding verses in black to help with context. You may need/want to read more of the verses around it for a more accurate interpretation. This is a valuable book to complement your Bible reading time and is actually Bible readings of Jesus’ words. Over 200 topics (spoken by Jesus) are broken down into 9 categories in 9 chapters. The only part of this book that is not from the Bible are the introductions to each chapter, which are written by Steven K. Scott, who compiled this book. I find the introductions are very good. The table of contents is well-organized and helpful in finding the topic you are looking for. The back of the book contains a scripture index and subject index, which are also quite helpful in using this book. It’s an easy book to use and can be used as a Bible devotion or topical Bible study of Jesus’ words. It is not likely that you will read this book from cover to cover, but more likely you will jump around in it. With that being said, if you want to read all that Jesus spoke, you might enjoy reading it from cover to cover. The book is 519 pages long, it’s not a short book, and the font is pretty small (but very clear), so it’s a lot of reading. Being God’s Word, it is not a book you will want to read quickly. The NIV version is not my favorite version, but it does make it readable for all ages.

I recommend this book as a great reference book and one you will want to keep in your personal library permanently.

I received a free copy of The Greatest Words Ever Spoken from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review.

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